How to Clear Major Abundance Blocks

A Fast Way to Clear Money Blocks

Without Spending Years in Therapy or Trying to Find out Where They Came From...


Open for Abundance Energy Clearing

Finally a Surefire way to Clear Money Blocks without spending a fortune and years in therapy trying to figure out where they came from.


If You want to get rid of the blocks keeping you from reaching your financial potential, then you're going to love this!


But First a side note...

Energy Clearing works. However, if someone thinks that the law of attraction will bring money as they sit on the sofa doing nothing but snacking and watching tv all day, it won't.  Those are examples of money blocks!


Money blocks are real and can keep you stuck, repelling money and business opportunities. But clearing the money blocks will not magically bring truck loads of cash to you.. I'm sure this doesn't pertain to you, but I have to put this disclaimer in here...


With that said, let me jump in and tell you what's in this program:


First, of all you'll get immediate access to the entire clearing program.

  • 3+ Clearing Playlists. These are simple music tracks with the clearing commands in the background. You don't hear them, so nobody else will even know they're there. This way you can play them in your car, or while you are working or any other time you'd like to work on clearing. In reality, It really only takes 1 listen to get the benefits.
  • Audio Hypno-meditation The Abundance Burning Fire. This hypnosis based track will help you hit the abundance blocks from another angle, accessing the subconscious mind.  This one can be listened to every couple of days with different results. NEVER- listen to this while driving! It's a real hypnosis track.
  • Master Clearing Track. This clearing track is designed to work with specific blocks that you find and want to clear that are not in the clearing playlists.  For example, if you know that you have a fear of being wealthy, you can write it down and find any other related fears like it. Then as you keep it in mind, or read it on the paper, play the clearing track. Do this with each block you find!!  The clearing track will clear what you have in mind.
  • All the tracks are downloadable in mp3 format. You can download the entire playlists, or individual tracks or both.
  • Everything is accessible from the online portal 24/7

This is Completely DIFFERENT than anything you've ever tried because it gets right down to the Energy CORE of the issue and takes care of it For GOOD!

But it's about more than than just clearing energy blocks around money...

This is about learning and realizing that you have the power over your life and life experiences. You can create a better outcome for yourself and let go of what has been keeping you back.


This is about gaining the ability and know how to move forward. To begin to search for these blocks and remove them for yourself.

  • How to let go of negative beliefs around money, even if you don't know exactly where they came from.

  • Why feelings and emotions about abundance can keep you poor (in lack and limitation)

  • How to eliminate fears about not having enough

  • What to do if money slips through your fingers

  • The beliefs behind not enough and never having enough money patterns

  • When it's ok to talk negatively about money (Law of Attraction Gurus don't do this and it's keeping them stuck)

  • Why trying to trick yourself by positive affirmations doesn't work (your subconscious mind knows what you really think) and what to do instead

  • How to eliminate worry around money

  • What you need to clear if you feel guilty for spending money on yourself or spending money in general

  • What to do to clear things that aren't in the clearing program

  • Learn when it's the worst time to do energy clearing, as it just doesn't work


Here's a Partial list of Clearings included in the Open to Abundance Program

Just imagine - clearing 1 or 2 of these could change your life forever!

  • Abundance Blocks, Financial Blocks  
  • Can't hold on to Money
  • Can't Make Money
  • Need More Money
  • I can't Support Myself
  • There's Never Enough
  • I don't Have Enough
  • I don't Deserve Money
  • I'm Not good Enough
  • Money isn't good (Wealthy or Rich People are Bad)
  • Fear of Spending
  • Spending too much
  • Fear of Bills
  • Overwhelmed by bills and debt
  • PTSD from Creditors and Harassment
  • Fear of Never Enough
  • Conflict Between Spending and Saving
  • Guilt about Spending
  • Guilt of Wanting Nice Things
  • Not Wanting to Have More than Others
  • Feeling Less Than
  • Having a Poor or Lack Mentality
  • There's Something Wrong with Me
  • and More....


This Recent Testimonial is printed here with Permission. Results Not Typical, no implied promise of money or lottery winnings...

That's a lot of clearing AND There's something else I'm adding into this Clearing Program - A GREAT BONUS !

This track uses a combination of hypnosis and energy clearing together, so you can let go of the tension and stress, and relax.


For many people, stressful events and worries tend to pop into their minds in the middle of the night, and this is a way to both clear them from your field, and also get back to a relaxed state! It's a way to do healing work as you sleep. 


Use the 3am stress buster each time wake up in the early morning hours and clear out the subconscious mind "trash" that is normally out of reach.


This bonus program is only available for a short time, and will probably be sold for $79 all by itself.


3 am stress buster energy clearing program

Download the 3am Stress Buster to your phone. When you have it ready to play in case you wake up and want to just clear and get back to sleep, it will be there for you. In fact it's not uncommon that you will begin to fall asleep even faster the more you use it. Hypnosis works this way. The more you listen, the faster it works.


Get The Open For Abundance Program AND the 3 AM Stress Buster Program for Just


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You know what you want, but if you can't achieve it, your subconscious mind thinks you want something else...