• It's All Energy

    Negative energy is what you want to clear and eliminate. Negative emotions, stuck patterns, blockages in any area of your life. You can trace most negative states back to their energetic level and clear them. Try it now in this free video series about energy healing.

  • Clear Self Sabotage

    The Subconscious mind is responsible for your reality. When self sabotage is present, and you clear the issue energetically, you will change the situation at the subconscious (and energetic)level and shift at a deep level.

  • Find your Divine Purpose

    When you are clear of old patterns and limitations from the past, you will be free to live in the present. This inner peace allows your true inner voice to present itself and assist you on your true path.

I'm Robin Yates, and I'm here to help you clear old limitations, emotions and energy patterns , and show you how to do this for yourself and for others. When the energy blockages are clear, you will be free to really live and be inspired to find and follow your divine purpose.


    Many healing modalities are energy based. Energy healing techniques are being discovered and although they seem new to us, they are not new at all. Some of these techniques you can learn to do for yourself, like Reiki, EFT and energy clearing. Others require practitioners. All of the modalities are considered healing and can be used together.

    Chakras and Energy Centers

    This isn’t a energy healing modality, but is important to talk about whenever mentioning energy clearing or energy healing. The human energy field and chakras are essential to understand, or at least become ...(continue reading)



    Anxiety and the subconscious mind are linked together. Subconscious Anxiety can seem almost random, and you may not really know why the anxiety is there, or what is actually causing it.  When past events or emotions are unresolved and unacknowledged, they most likely will be affecting the subconscious mind. Its common to experience stress and anxiety.

    Does subconscious anxiety and stress stem from the past?

    When working with anxiety and the subconscious mind, it’s important to remember that the subconscious mind works from the past. It lives in the past..(continue reading)


    "I feel so fortunate to have met Robin.  She spends the time to really listen to my concerns and is always spot on in her assessment of the underlying cause.  Once she has a deeper understanding she begins the hypnotherapy.  Each treatment builds upon itself and I always leave feeling more clear and peaceful.  I would absolutely recommend Robin for her kind nature and effective approach."


    Acupuncturist, Redondo Beach, CA

    "Robin's compassion and kindness establishes an atmosphere of safety and security. With her assistance, this allowed me to explore areas of my past which I otherwise might have been unable to reach or too have been fearful to do so.


    Photographer, California